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The Revolution WILL Be Televised

The Vidfluence Platform: Simply the most comprehensive, results driven, internet sales and marketing platform available.
Our high touch approach is ONLY for companies who are serious about:
• Dominating their market on the internet
• Winning and retaining market share
• Building lasting customer relationships
• Selling more than you ever thought possible

How We Win The Search Game:
• Become a magnet for the best, free organic traffic with a rich and powerful video site that is easily indexed by the search engines.   

• Create hundreds of high quality back links using our video broadcast functionality that pumps videos out to the top web 2.0 properties landing multiple 1st page returns and bolstering the quality of the mother site.

• Add a layer of social proof indicators like Google +1's, bookmarks, Facebook "likes" and YouTube "views" that tells the search engines your content is liked and relevant.

• Closely monitor performance and enhance efforts where needed in order to achieve top rankings in all of the most valuable search terms.

How We Win The Conversion Game: 
• Video is proven to convert shoppers into buyers up to 700 times better than text alone.   We know what to say, when to say it and how to produce it, so you can get the results you are looking for faster than ever.

• We offer an array of solutions for companies with a sales force or for those who prefer to use unassisted electronic sales funnels. Better yet use them both.

• The Vidfluence platform offers integrated individual websites for sales people.  These powerful sub-sites instantly turn your sales force into recognizable experts and completely changes a prospect's receptivity and relationship with the salesperson.

• Integrated video e-mails allow salespeople to create on the fly personalized communications that can be sent to prospects along with links to result driven edu-sales content. Together they are a super powerful combination of personal relationship and top tier sales presentation that is unstoppable.      

• High converting video landing pages that speak directly to searcher's needs and offers compelling reasons to take action.

• Video sharing style pages that offer many points of view on important topics and helps the prospect to quickly become comfortable with a high ticket item purchase.  

• Automated sales funnels that whisk a prospect from interest to action so easily that they hardly know they are being sold.

• Integration with most major CRMs so every prospect can be tracked and closed at much higher rates.

• A keen eye on superior analytics and the ability to split test almost any part of a campaign allows continuing refinement and improvement of every aspect of the system.

 How We Win The Relationship Game:

• Automatic, relationship building, video e-mail conversations keeps your brand at the top of mind and continuously creates referrals and repeat customers.

• Web 2.0 integration allows you to tap into the phenomenal viral properties of social media.

• Video sharing and instant video creation allows for fantastic contests, powerful testimonials and unparalleled customer engagement.

• Advanced profiling and data management allows you to communicate to your client in a way that will resonate with their interests and behaviors.

With the Vidfluence platform you have the systems, the tools and the know-how to win the search game, win the conversion game and win the relationship game.
Do all 3, and rest assured, you will win the day.


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